Ortega should include Costa Rica in river project

Now that it’s becoming clear that Nicaragua’s/the Sandinistas’ intention is to snatch a worthless scrap of Costa Rican territory in order to build a new canal with the help of those most bellicose and generally disagreeable folks in Venezuela and Iran, it’s also becoming clear that we are blessed to (a) not have an army that would only start trouble where none is necessary and (b) that we have a woman presidenta unencumbered by high levels of testosterone that might make a male president do something monumentally and hormonally stupid in the name of national pride in a situation like this one, which (c) if viewed objectively, may prove to be a unique and substantial opportunity for the economy of Costa Rica.

What Costa Rica needs to be thinking about, and what Nicaragua SHOULD have been thinking about before their really dumb/typically Sandinista incursion into Costa Rican territory, is how to INCLUDE Costa Rica in the project!

Hey Mr. Ortega, you dummy! Instead of causing an entire nation to get up on its hind legs and oppose you, how about INCLUDING Ticos in your grand new plan and creating some JOBS for them for God’s sake! They’ll love you for it! And when it’s done, cut Costa Rica in on a small percentage of the profits from the canal for, say, 50 YEARS!

Problem solved. Crisis over. Send the soldiers home. Call out the lawyers and the engineers. My bill will be in the mail.

Why is it that the more power people have, the less they think? Oh! Wait! We’re talking about Daniel Ortega, Hugo Chávez and Achmed Ahmadinejad, the Three Stooges of international policy making/breaking. If there’s a more dangerously buffoonish group of leaders than them, God help us.

(When I spell checked this e-mail, the only alternative suggestion the checker program could come up with in place of “Ortega” was “Outrage.” Imagine that! Prescient software!

Dean Barbour
Manuel Antonio

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