Ortega used Costa Rica to aid totalitarian aims

Obviously, President Ortega of Nicaragua has found a way to unite his country behind him and make the people of his country like him so he can become President for Life. He took advantage of Costa Rica’s passive, peaceful nature and used it to fuse his faltering popularity in his own county. This is just what he needed to be able to continue and make his Hugo Ch├ívez-style ambitions a reality.

I even read an editorial from a Gringa woman in Granada stating that “This must be an attempt by the U.S. to start another covert war in Nicaragua by having Costa Rica intimidate the Nicaraguan soldiers (on Costa Rican property) into a shooting war, with peaceful Nicaragua.”

She also went on to state that Nicaragua provides chickens, pigs, and free medical to all Nicaraguans, so Costa Rica should back off. This woman is evidently unaware that Costa Rica’s health care system is overrun with Nicaraguans needing medical care. Hopefully the world will frown on this incursion and help Costa Rica do what it obviously cannot. That is defend itself against an opportunist dictator, who is using Costa Rica’s good nature to further his totalitarian agenda.

Fred Cole
Nuevo Arenal

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