Overseas voters asked to report their election experiences

The Overseas Vote Foundation has posted a survey to sound out U.S. expats and if and how they cast their ballots in the Nov. 2 general election.
The organization is asking for feedback with a survey that takes about seven minutes to fill out. The survey generally wants to know if expats voted and how they voted. Expats have a number of options. The organization also wants to hear from military and student voters living overseas.

“Whether you were eligible to vote for the first time this year or you’re a veteran voter: your experience is unique and we want to hear about it,” said the organization.

Overseas Vote Foundation said it will use the results of this survey to report on key issues affecting overseas voters to federal and state policy makers and to improve our own outreach and development efforts.

The survey, which is HERE, will close on Dec. 31. Results will be available on the organization’s Web siteFeb. 11.

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