Psychologists will assist Barra del Colorado kids

The security ministry said Thursday that it is sending two psychologist to Barra del Colorado to help maintain the emotional health of the residents there.

Barra del Colorado is the closest population center to the Isla Calero where Nicaraguan troops have invaded Costa Rican territory. The community is being used as a base for armed police.

The psychologists will be in the area for three days, said the ministry and will work with children and teachers.

The ministry said that there is anxiety as a result of the possible confrontation between Nicaraguan and Costa Rican forces.

In fact, reports from the area suggest that the mental health of residents is better than ever because the large number of police who came to the town and set up camp have run off the criminals, the burglars and robbers, who have been preying on the residents. At an one time there may be as many as 100 officers there.

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