Readership again sets A.M. Costa Rica record

There is no secret that crime, tragedy and war are good for the newspaper business. That was confirmed again this month when A.M. Costa Rica broke readership records.

The month is not over yet, but an independent statistical program shows that Friday, Nov. 5, saw 20,740 visitors to the newspaper Web site and that 50,131 pages were delivered. That was the most in the 10-year-old online daily’s history.

That was the day Costa Rica was being ravaged by heavy storms and rescue workers were searching for bodies in a major landslide that killed 21 persons in San Antonio de Escazú. There also was continuing unpleasantness along the Río San Juan, the location where Nicaragua troops invaded Costa Rica.

Even Thanksgiving, a day when many are not at work and the major concern is carving a turkey, saw better than average readership. The newspaper served up 27,511 pages that day to 10,418 visitors.

By midday Sunday the newspaper had accommodated 311,619 visitors for the month. Most read at least several pages.

The readership was so high that the California-based server stopped delivering pages twice last week for about an hour while technicians reconfigured the unexpected download demand. The latest interruption was midday Friday.

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