Sky TV a good substitute for unfeeling cable firm

I have read the complaints from customers of Amnet, and have heard the same locally from friends. We have lived in Costa Rica for two years now, and had Sky TV installed after we arrived. I would recommend it to anyone who is fed up with the ever-changing, and unreliable Amnet.

We have got the Sky+ machine, which is the same as Tivo in the States. We had Sky+ in the UK and liked the fact you can record two programs at the same time, while watching a third that you have recorded. Sky has many different packages that you can subscribe to, or combine. The dish is about 1 meter in diameter, but Sky installs it for free in your garden or attached to your wall.

I know I sound like a Sky TV salesman, but I am not. I am just a great fan of Sky+. We watch a lot of TV, so it is important we can get all the news and sport channels, as well as Sony, Fox, Warner etc. You don’t have to sign up for the expensive movie channels, and they are not really worth it anyway. If enough people switch to Sky, maybe Amnet will wake up to the fact they are not a monopoly, and start to provide what their customers are requesting.

Mike Keelan
Miramar, Puntarenas

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