Some writers of letters have hit a dead end

Regarding Alfred Sites commentary on “Don’t expect First World when living here.”

In defense of frustrated folks writing in about their attempts to get things done, I find the advice of “Don’t expect First World when living here” similarly “preaching to the choir.” It’s clear to me that most writing in with their frustration have no First World expectations whatsoever. In fact, the majority have adjusted their expectations accordingly.

If one reads carefully, the frustration comes from attempting to follow all of the rules with the Third World expectations imbedded. The frustration comes from the inability of departments to follow their own guidelines set forth by the country or cantons, while the customer attempts to do their best to follow the proper channels asked of them by the aforementioned places and departments.

Efficiency, to me, is having cable or pipes installed in a fortnight in the First World, the Third World a year or longer, but the end result is that it IS installed. What writers are stating is the inability to get it done at all, following all of the expectations and guidelines set forth. Inefficiency should not be confused with inability.

Tell me then, what should folks expect, if at all? Nothing!? I grew up in Monrovia, Liberia West Africa, and am all too familiar with expectations, Third World versus First World and understand things get done differently. The key thing is that things get done, albeit in a different time frame.

Most folks writing in have hit dead ends, and appreciate those who write in and offer advice and solutions rather than expectation advice. I think the majority of expats get that! It doesn’t matter where you are, if you expect the authorities to know what they are doing, eventually they will. It’s a matter of education.

Randy Judd-Harrison
Houston, Texas

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