Southern Nicoya moving to become a separate canton

The Provincia de Puntarenas may soon get a new canton. Lawmakers are considering creating a 12th canton for the sprawling province.

The canton would include that part of the central Cantón de Puntarenas that is on the Nicoya Peninsula.

Right now residents of Tambor, Cóbano, Paquera, Lepanto, Montezuma and other communities have to go to the administrative center of the central canton to conduct official business. In the proposed legislation, the Tribunal Supremo de Elecciones would be required to set up an election for mayor and regidores within six months of the measure’s passage.

The idea of making the southern part of the Nicoya peninsula its own political district has been floating around since the 1980s. But now 29 lawmakers have signed on to the measure, which has been voted out of a special commission that was set up to study the concept.

The name of the new canton will be La Peninsula if lawmakers do not make a change. Other names have been suggested during the years, including Paquera and the names of some historical figures. The administrative center would still have to be selected after the legislation passes.

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