State of nation report notes that 2009 was a crisis year

Costa Rica was able to avoid much of the effects of the world economic crisis in 2009 but the unequal distribution of income showed the biggest increase in 10 years and the threats to citizens security were more dangerous.

That is part of the summary of the Estado de la Nación, the 16th annual report on national trends. It was released Tuesday.

The report touches on many aspects of life, including health, education and employment.

The report is full of statistics, and the authors said they drew on more than 200 variables.

One major point was that the informal labor market and the less qualified employees were the ones most affected by the economic crisis. The report also said that Costa Rica has not exercised sufficient controls over the use of its natural resources, including underground water.

The document also seeks to assess the workings of the legislature.

Just the summary is 22 pages long.

The Ministerio de Planificación Nacional y Política Económica was quick to respond. In a statement the ministry outlined specific steps the government had taken to face challenges confronting the country.

But both sources seemed to make clear that the country was defined by the economic crisis during 2009.

The ministry also noted that outside forces impose more complex threats to the country. Cited were arms traffic, narcotrafficking and trafficking in persons.

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