There is nothing virile about land grab response

What a country we live in, our Costa Rica. At first I cracked up when I read about Ms Oriette Zoneta filing a case in the constitutional court attacking the national anthem for having the word virile describing the country and being discriminatory against women.

However on reflection based on my observation of Costa Rica’s handling of the Nicaraguan invasion and land grab initiated by Commandant Ortega, I think Ms Zoneta is on the right track. I have not seen one ounce of virility displayed in the response to the invasion of the sovereign territory of Costa Rica.

Funny how the ladies of the world properly focus us men on the truth. Once I had a drop dead gorgeous lady insurance adjuster teasing me for settling a case with her too cheaply and well below her settlement authority to pay my client in my full-time lawyer days.

What she said has stuck with me for years. She said “NO BALLS, NO BLACK CHIPS.” I suspect she was a good poker player and that she and Ms. Zoneta probably would not get along to well. I hope that Costa Rica’s lady president will follow my lady insurance adjusters philosophy of life and not Ms Zoneta’s, but I am not betting the ranch on that prospect.

Oh yeah, and the adjuster who told me that was quite well endowed, and I have always suspected my virility cost me some money. I think there is a lesson in this story somewhere. Should Costa Rica send well-endowed Costa Rican ladies to negotiate with Commandant Ortega?

Keep up the good work with your excellent paper which in my opinion has virility.

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