Train causes man to fall off bridge in Heredia

Rescue workers and police were seeking a man Monday night after a witness reported that he was knocked off an Heredia bridge by a train.

The incident happened at a site known as the Puente Negro in Santa Rosa de Santo Domingo de Heredia.

The bridge is about 30 meters above the Río Virilla. Originally officials thought they also were looking for a child, too. But the man’s son was found safe although anguishing over his father. He was with an adult friend of the family.

All three appear to have been crossing the trestled steel bridge. The men are coffee pickers. Rescuers came after someone on the train reported the mishap. Like the other two, the victim tried to hang on to one of the outer struts of the bridge, but he may have been off balance because of the backpack he wore.

Searchers were to resume work at the river this morning.

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