Two Aserrí men say muncipality did not heed warning

A citizen’s group in Aserrí warned municipal officials early last month about the possibility of landslides, but officials rejected their concerns because the national emergency commission disagreed, representatives of the group said Thursday.

Luis Diego Chinchilla and Enrique Barboza Photo: A.M. Costa Rica/Saray Ramírez Vindas

They are Luis Diego Chinchilla Valverde and Enrique Barboza Calero, both members of the 12-year-old Asociación Grupo Cultural Aserrí. They said the organization was concerned after a cliffside collapsed above Santa Ana in early October. The peak, Chitaría, is similar to mountains around Aserrí, they said. They based their concern on a technical study.

However, they said the emergency commission told the municipal officials that the study was not professional.

The men said they thought that the landslide that hit their area could have been prevented. They lamented the heavy economic damage that the tropical storm caused.

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