Viewer says he’s unhappy with service from Amnet

I read the recent article in A.M. Costa Rica about Amnet’s new program packages and fees with the usual disdain I reserve for national monopolies that continually and unapologetically provide lousy service to their customers.

What remains the same:

(1) Every month the US networks, CBS, NBC and ABC go off the air. Usually they’re blacked out for 2-3 days. As of right now, 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, they’ve been off the air for 82 hours and counting.

(2) Various non-network channels regularly have sound/picture problems or go off the air for days at a time. In the seven years I’ve used the cable services, (previously owned by another company) I can’t remember a time when all channels were available and unaffected by technical glitches.

(3) Even moderate climatic disruptions interrupt programming.

(4) When the cable goes out it stays out for hours on end because Amnet doesn’t keep spare parts or enough personnel on call to get the problems fixed in a timely fashion.

(5) American movies are consistently censored and overdubbed. (Only in Latin America would the censors find fault with “My Stepmother is An Alien!”).

What’s new:

(1) Channel 29, “The Movie Channel,” used to show English language movies in English during prime time. Now they broadcast exclusively in Spanish.

(2) Channel 36 “CineMax” never used to show overdubbed movies. Now they show them all day. Only in the evening are the movies available in English. The same is true of Channel 38, “CineCanal,” more overdubbed movies than ever before.

(3) Turner Classic Movies, CineCanal and Cinemax never used to interrupt programming. Movies were shown straight through with no interruptions. Now all of these movie channels interject commercials for their new program packages into the movies.

So it seems that Amnet wants us to pay more for less than what we’ve been getting, which was of poor quality to begin with. And that’s what you get when the government awards monopolies to companies who don’t understand the concept of excellence in business. (And yes, I know, I could get a satellite dish, but I have too many trees around my house and I’m not about to cut down a tree to that end.)

Dean Barbour
Manuel Antonio

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