What happened to CNBC on Amnet cable system?

Amnet’s recent rejuggling of the channels it offers, which it characterized as “nuevos canales,” is a thinly disguised attempt to get its subscribers “to pay more for less,” as Dean Barbour put it in his letter to the editor..

Indeed, Amnet has failed badly to meet the needs of its subscribers who rely on CNBC, formerly carried on Channel 64, as their primary source of business information.  CNBC went off the air sometime on Tuesday, Oct. 26.  I began calling Amnet the same day and was informed that there was a problem in receiving the “signal” and that Amnet’s engineers were attempting to find a solution.

Despite my calls, Channel 64 remained blank for two days.  Sometime on Thursday, Amnet began to offer a distinctly inferior business information program presented by Bloomberg.  I was assured that this was being offered only temporarily until Amnet restored its signal with CNBC and that a solution would be found by Friday at the latest.  When I spoke to a representative on Friday, I was assured that a solution would be found by Monday, Nov. 1.  As of the time of this letter, some nine days after the CNBC signal went blank, the problem has yet to be solved.

Amnet continues to substitute Bloomberg for CNBC, which is now carried on Channel 77. The Amnet guide on Channel 2 explains that because of circumstances “beyond its control,” CNBC is off the air “temporarily.”  No explanation is given of what those circumstances might be or why Amnet’s engineers have been unable to resolve the problem.  Perhaps Amnet could hire one of CableTica’s engineers since CableTica has enjoyed an UNINTERRUPTED SIGNAL from CNBC during the past week.

Or, is it possible that Amnet has not fully disclosed the reason for its failure to provide CNBC as promised but is the result of some circumstance within its control?

David Jackson
San Jose

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