When police failed to act, man takes to YouTube for help

A Canadian man has returned to Costa Rica to help out a 62-year-old British woman who has been a victim of multiple intrusions into her central Pacific apartment. In one encounter, an intruder poured lighter fluid on her lower body and pubic area and ignited the woman, said the man.

Photo shows where woman was burned by intruder. Photo: Steve Bryant

He is Steve Bryant, who was a San José sportsbook operator for seven years. He said he became involved because the women is a friend of his mother. Bryant and the women he does not want to identify yet are going to be making a report at the Judicial Investigating Organization today.

He said he is not hopeful. The women called police at least six times when crooks continued to break into her apartment. Although she was able to talk to an English-speaking judicial agent in Jacó, nothing came of her complaints, said Bryant. The woman does not speak Spanish, but Bryant does.

Bryant decided to seek publicity by posting a video on YouTube in which he recounts the story. His theory is that the woman was antagonized by intruders because they were seeking to force her from the apartment. She had paid a year’s rent in advance, some $12,000, Bryant said. But the intruders repeatedly took valuables. The judicial police have the responsibility to determine if the theory is correct.

Bryant also posted two photo of the women’s burns.

Bryant is from Sudbury, Ontario, and his mother lives there now. He said he is helping the woman hide because she fears for her safety. He described her as frail and walking with a cane.

The burning took place some weeks ago. The intruder took nothing. After another break-in the woman has left her apartment.

Bryant said the purpose of the video was to seek help from President Laura Chinchilla. “Please help me find Laura Chinchilla,” he said on the YouTube Web page. He said he also distributed links to the video to other news outlets here and in Canada.

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