Would-be victim, 19, kills one of two assailants

A 19-year-old robbery victim pulled his legal gun late Tuesday and shot fatally his assailant, said the Judicial Investigating Organization.

The shooting happened in San Felipe de Alajuelita about 11:30 p.m. The would-be victim was approached by two men on a motorcycle who threatened him and ordered him to turnover his belongings.

The robber suffered two 9-mm. bullet wounds to the chest and fell to the pavement. His companion, the driver of the motorcycle dumped the machine and fled on foot. For most of the day, agents were unable to identify the dead man. In the late afternoon they identified him by the last name of Mejia, also 19.

Agents said that the would-be victim had all the paperwork needed to carry a weapon legally.

In Orotina Tuesday afternoon two men approached another young man who was waiting in line to board a bus and relieved him of a cell phone and other personal articles.

Police officers nearby managed to snag two suspects, identified by the last names of Sánchez Gutiérrez and Ramos Lara. They are 18 and 24 and residents of Tibás. Sánchez was identified as an illegal Nicaraguan immigrant.

A prosecutor was asking a judge to hold the pair for investigation.

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