Boycott will only help current Managua regime

While I understand Mr, Twomey’s desire to punish Ortega for his provocation of Costa Rica, his response of using a boycott plays right into the hands of the Managua regime. The basic ideology from the most center benign left to the farthest left is the need to create need.

Ortega benefits from further poverty. He benefits from the money of Nicas fleeing to Costa Rican banks. He benefits from Nicas leaving Nicaragua for brighter futures. Strife makes his ideology all the more desirable. Debasing currency is a first priority of the left. Read their own literature. He is not alone. We can see this in the U.S.A. today, Cuba since the 50’s and in the streets of many European countries.

Trying to change Nicaragua is no one’s business but the Nicaragüense. It is the fundamental error of “democracy building.” What is happening on Costa Rica’s northern frontier is Costa Rica’s fault. They have the obligation of securing their frontier. Nicaragua is no more at fault for their provocation than México is at fault for illegal immigration.

Basic geopolitical physics dictate that voids are filled. It does not matter who is the bad guy. It matters that Costa Rica’s inaction and inability to secure its sovereignty has helped advance geopolitical regional instability. Peace and diplomacy are vastly overrated. Costa Rica’s use of international organizations adds up to nothing but inaction.

Costa Rica is now responsible for making the region more dangerous for all. Do not play into the hands of the left’s need to create need.

George Chapogas
Playas del Coco

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