Cold front delays advance of dry season in valley

The high season is shaping up to be rainy and cold in the Central Valley. A cold front is slowly leaving the national territory, but the effects remain, said the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional.

Rivers on the Caribbean coast were reported rising Tuesday night due to rain in the mountains. Some 6 cms. of rain were reported in some areas. That is about 2.4 inches.

The rivers are the Pejibaye, Parismina, Colorado and Reventazón.

The weather institute still is predicting strong winds between 30 and 70 kph (18.6 to 43.5 mph) and Central Valley temperatures between 12 and 16 C, about 54 to 61 F.

The institute issued warnings for small boats and light aircraft.
The Weather Underground service that provides data for readers said that there is a 30 percent chance of thunderstorms in the Central Valley for the next five days.

Thursday the daytime temperatures are supposed to warm up to 28 C, (82.5 F) but overnight lows will continue in the 17 to 18 C range.

There was a light rain or pelo de gato, as it is called in Spanish late Tuesday in parts of the metro area. The amount was just enough to make roads slippery.

Usually Christmas is distinguished by blue skies and warm temperatures as the Central Valley moves into the dry season. That change appears to have been delayed about two weeks by the cold fronts from the north.

Beach dwellers still are experiencing gusts, but daytime temperatures have been in the low 30s C. or low to mid-80s F.

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