Costa Rica is cheaper than Florida tourists find

I’ve just read what Mr. Hinton from the U.S.A. wrote comparing dollars to colons. He has his usual quarterly two-week visits to Costa Rica but after reading the current exchange rates he believes he’ll take his January vacation in Panamá instead even though he loves Costa Rica with his Tico friends and acquaintances

I’ve been living in Florida since 1983 and we depend on tourist dollars just like Costa Rica and Panamá does.

When I go to Costa Rica I get more for my dollar for my vacations and it’s cheaper to go to hotels, food, cabs, beaches, etc., that would cost more in Florida and other states that depend on tourist dollars.

Pura Vida is a tourist trap just like this one: One-bedroom beachside condo at the Sundial Beach Resort available this winter/spring for $1,309 + tax per week.

It seems that in Costa Rica there are these volatile changes that aren’t fully explainable, except perhaps as greed by Costa Rican banks and financial regulators?

U.S.A. banks were bailed out by tax monies and our manufactures of automobile companies. That’s a fact.

Ed Fulmer Sr.

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