Costa Rica is hypocritical in U.S. child custody cases

Here we go again. I see that Costa Rica is again failing to comply with international law concerning child custody decisions made in other countries. See “Defensoría moved to halt return of U.S. child” here.

Costa Rica is counting on the rule of law to protect them from the attempted land grab by Mr. Ortega and his friends in Nicaragua. Yet they blatantly ignore the law in many child custody cases.

Being intimately familiar with the court system in the U.S., I know how hard it is for an American father to get custody of his children, especially a young child where the courts do not want to remove the child from its mother.

So if a father has been awarded custody of a young child in the U.S.A., something is amiss. I will not say that is necessarily true in this case, but something does not add up.

It is a tried and true, but ultra nasty, strategy for the mother to claim physical or sexual abuse of either her or the child in attempting to gain sole custody of a child. This leaves a stigma on the child and the father forever.

Whether this is the case or not, the place for the determination to be made is in the U.S. courts, NOT Costa Rica. This is where the real facts are known. Costa Rica should cease this hypocritical policy immediately and abide by international law just as they expect others to do. You cannot pick and choose the laws you want to abide by and the ones to ignore.

Guy C. Moats
Ex-president of U.S. Divorce Reform, State of Washington
Custodial father
Playas del Coco

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