Costa Rican hypocrisy needs to be confronted

I have only lived in Costa Rica two years now so forgive me for being so surprised at the apparent hypocrisy of Costa Rica´s positions on many of today’s issues. What scares me more is not many noticing or commenting how two-faced it is. We will endure many issues like this any country we live in, but we need more participation by all resident here to point these issues out as they appear and scream “This is wrong!”

Firstly, let’s all agree any nation should not encroach on the lands of its neighbor. It’s deplorable. Please tell me though how this neighboring country, Nicaragua, squatting on an island owned by Costa Rica is any different than squatters here in Costa Rica taking land from immigrants owning property here. These immigrants happen to be out of country for a while and return to a nightmare legal battle to remove these squatters.

Most pensioners not having deep pockets for legal help to sort out the mess. Squatting on land has become a business for many and is in effect endorsed by laws of the land here in Costa Rica. So please tell me how Costa Rica can claim in world courts that squatters on their island on the northern frontier is so deplorable while they allow and endorse it here against immigrants and landowners here??? Pensioners here do not have world court efficiency to handle squatters as Costa Rica is enjoying at the moment. It’s interesting to note Costa Rica wants quick resolution from international courts, but does not offer that here to resolve similar problems we all encounter. Our friends here in San Ramón will be many years sorting out a squatter problem.

Secondly I, like many immigrants, have been stopped and had my passport inspected to assure I was legal here maybe five or six times in two years. Each time while being with my family enjoying some sort of trip in the car. We were not suspicious looking. We were not doing something illegal. We were just going about our day as a family, not likely robbing homes and stealing anything. The police were just doing their job as far as we are concerned.

In Arizona laws have been passed to empower police to check immigration status of suspicious persons. We all heard how Costa Rica has entered a “friend of the court “ application against such ability as being grossly unfair. Again why does Costa Rica expect the world to listen to their view outside of Costa Rica which is completely contradictory to their own actions and laws here?

Lastly, having just returned from Canada, I notice many discussing actions of Costa Rica in Calgary against the gold mine just recently banned here. The on-and-off-again approvals have cost a Calgary Canadian company over $67 million plus loss of profit. To most outside Costa Rica, it appears to be the wild wild west here with little chance of justice prevailing. I can tell you first hand this will and is going to affect foreign investment here unless lawlessness is confronted head on by the courts and leadership of this country.

Maybe we ought to look into challenging Costa Rica in court to run their internal matters with individual rights and freedoms with the same respect and integrity they expect the rest of the world to afford them! This country has so much beauty and potential, if they just managed it as they expect others to elsewhere in the worldwide. It would be amazing to see what happens here!

Tony McCeath
San Ramón

EDITOR’S NOTE: Costa Rica’s effort to submit a friend- of-the-court brief in the Arizona case was rejected because the time limit expired.

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