Counterfeit alcohol network leads to judicial agent raids

Judicial police staged raids in Desamparados Tuesday to stop the distribution of adulterated liquors.

Agents said they found liquor with toxic content being stored in a home in San Rafael Abajo, Desamparados. The location also served as a bottling factory for various fake brands of alcohol.

In nearby Calle Fallas, the agents located a home where fake labels were being made. In a third raid at a storage unit in Barrio el Jardín agents found trucks for the distribution of the fake liquors.

Agents of the Judicial Investigating Organization said they detained one person and that more arrests are possible.

The adulterated liquors contained 400 percent more methanol than permitted for human consumption and a lower level of ethanol. This made the liquid toxic to humans, they said.

Fake name-brand liquor is a big business, particularly in the holiday seasons. Frequently the bottles enter the retail market through cut-rate sales to business people who probably do not know the full nature of the substance.

Some crooks simply label a cheaper variety of liquor with an expensive brand name. Judicial agents urged purchasers to buy alcohol only from recognized establishments.

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