Economy suggests that New Year’s will be sedate

Bull fighting here is when about a hundred young men and women get in the ring with a fighting bull with predictable results. Photo: Municipalidad de San José

New Year’s Eve will likely be a sedate affair in the Central Valley this year.

There are indications that economic conditions will keep families home and cut down the attendance at fancy hotel events.

Such a situation would be in keeping with other indications that Costa Ricans are watchings their colons this season.

Many expats have commented on the lack of Christmas lighting on Central Valley homes. The bulk of the Christmas lighting either is by the government or companies. There are many fewer homes lighted for Christmas this year, perhaps due to rising electrical rates.

Some commentators also have discussed the way participants in the Tope Nacional, the horse parade Sunday, dressed down this year. Jeans were the standard instead of elaborate and expensive western wear.

The crowds at the Tope were massive again this year, showing that many Central Valley residents have not headed off to the beaches. Still taxi drivers are complaining that there are few persons on the streets compared to a normal working day.

The big event continues to be the Fiestas de San José at the Zapote fairgrounds. Most families would not want to hang around the carnival grounds to greet the new year, but there will be crowds earlier in the evening. Bull fighting a la Tico continues until 10 p.m. in the fairground arena, and there usually are fireworks.

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