Edgar Allen Poe Influences New Book by Ticos

The tangled mind of 19th century writer Edgar Allen Poe is coming alive again and with a Tico twist.

Tonight in Los Yoses the new ClubdeLibros editorial house presents a collection of eight science fiction stories written by Costa Ricans and inspired by Poe.

You can bet there will be a raven present. One story, “El Legado del Cuervo” by Luis Jara Cubillo, muses over the reincarnation of Poe into the body of a raven that visits San José. The Central Valley has plenty of ravens, although few are tapping, gently rapping at the chamber door. It was on a bleak December day in 1845 when Poe penned the poem. Claustrophobics probably should skip Antonio Chamu’s “Otro Barril de Amontillado” and friendships with anyone misnamed Fortunato.

According to ClubdeLibros, writer Iván Molina created his short story “Anti-Eureka” based on the little-known fact that Poe played with the Big Bang Theory decades before it became conventional physics.

The presentation of the book “Poe Siglo XX1” is at the Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano at 7 p.m. Entry is free.

The book will be out in time for Christmas with a 5,000-colon price tag, about $10.

Each of the short stories is illustrated in 19th century black-and-white style by artist Josué Garro. Some of the illustrations contain the face of Poe.

This is the first book by the ClubdeLibros, which has been a book club.

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