Great irony follows talks about global climate change

I am an off-and-on reader. Maybe I missed a comment or there was none on what happened in Cancún.

Well, nothing to write home about but we received another glimpse of the irony of the subject matter, of our moment in time.

With “climate-gate” duly forgotten 15,000 lucky bastards from 196 countries convened as delegates (I love that word… like they “convened in the cafeteria of Sing-Sing”) and had a free luxury vacation with their wives in the Moon Hotel on the Mexican Caribbean while the entire event cost the taxpayer about 50 million USD. Meanwhile drunk on disinformation and free champagne, they produced an estimated 25,000 tons of CO2 and produced a humongous amount of garbage, which — green as the Mexicans are — was going to be recycled and therefore transported to Mexico City, about 1,200 km away.

The outcome of this bla-bla event was that they decided upon decisions to be made in 2011 in Durban though everyone — unisono — was brainwashed enough to agree that climate change was not caused by the workings of the universe but an act of “Us, the People.”

Okay, now to the irony: After earlier global warming having mutated to global climate change many radical scenarios were hyped-up in the MSM suggesting exorbitant rising of the sea-level, methane disasters… Mexico had the coldest registered temperatures in a hundred years.

Axel Marquardt
San Jose

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