Haitian pregnancy wave self-centered, inhumane

More babies in Haiti? How totally selfish, self-centered and inhumane to even think about bringing children into the world to live amidst such squalor as currently exists in the tent cities in Haiti!

Those baby producers would be better off if they dug in and tried to clean up the aftermath of the mess resulting from the earthquake in January. If those people want more babies, there seems to be an abundance of children in the orphanages in Haiti waiting for adoption. And the clinics are struggling to provide pre-natal care. What are those potential mothers and fathers thinking?! Certainly they are NOT thinking with their heads, but only with another part of the anatomy!

SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! Your article cited a person who will leave to have her baby away from the camp, but if she’s able to do that when the baby comes, why isn’t she there now enabling her to get the required care? I love children and agree they are truly a gift from God, but when I read that the young man says all they do is “. . . sit around all day in the camp . . . .” I cringe at the thought of what the unborn child will have to endure in her/his short lifetime. May God Bless those children.

Ann Boyd
Canoas, Alajuela

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