He’s not overly worried about crime in Costa Rica

I have read both Art Sulenski’s and Mr. Aguilar’s letters to the editor. Art focused primarily on crime in Costa Rica, and mentioned the invasion by Nicaragua only peripherally. While Mr. Aguilar focused on the latter, his main point, contesting Art’s characterization of Ticos, was entirely appropriate, in my opinion. True, Ticos are proud of their heritage of half a century without an army, and true that they believe in negotiation rather than military might. False that they are cowards and spineless.

Meanwhile, Costa Rica is a Third World country, and has crime problems in common with every Third World country in the world. I don’t know that Costa Rica’s problems are any greater or less than those of Panamá, but the State Department’s cautions do sound very similar. In fact, the State Department advisory for Canada starts off as, “Although Canada generally has a lower crime rate than the U.S., violent crimes do occur throughout the country, especially in urban areas . . . . ” Come on, folks.

If Art’s friends don’t want to come to Costa Rica, that is their business. I am looking forward to my daughter visiting here in a couple of months for the third time. And having been raised in New York and other high crime urban areas, and having spent a career researching crime and addiction, I am not overly worried about Costa Rica.

John French

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