How much is that baby in the bank line?

Want to rent a baby to make your banking experiences quicker?

That’s what reader Mary Jay of Alajuela says is happening at
her bank.

Mrs. Jay said she was at the bank when she noticed something odd. She said:

Usually banks (et al) have speed lines designated for seniors, pregnant ladies and for mothers with young children.

Today, whilst waiting in a very long line, since I’m not one
to qualify for the speed line, I took note of a woman with a 5-month-old baby doing her banking business and exiting.

A senior man was served, followed by another woman with the same baby as before — all marching to the speed line. In my nearly 45 minutes of waiting, this same baby appeared with three different women.

I couldn’t resist confirming my observation third time around and the woman confirmed that the mother is outside handing off her child to women who want to expedite their service at the bank.

Wonder if she’s charging a rental fee?

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