If the mainstream media fails, Wikileaks is needed

My background provides me with the experience to comment on the WikiLeaks situation from two perspectives: that of someone with more than 40 years in magazine and newspaper journalism, and that of a Vietnam combat veteran. As the former, I have been involved in a number of instances where significantly important information was brought out of the dark, even at the expense of angering those in charge. The benefits to those receiving this information was well worth the aggravation caused to the establishment.

As a veteran, I saw first-hand the lies and deceit that led to more than 50,000 Americans being killed needlessly. The WikiLeaks information is no more unpatriotic or an act of treason than the release of the Pentagon Papers was in the 70s. The public needs to know, in fact, has the right to know what the government is doing. Unfortunately, the demise of the mainstream media (free press) has resulted in having to rely on non-journalistic information sources such as WikiLeaks to ferret out such information.

Ken Anderberg

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