Judicial police urge action against crooked traffic officers

The Judicial Investigating Organization came out with some guidelines Thursday on how motorists should handle crooked traffic cops.

The agency encouraged motorists to use the cameras on their cell telephone to get photos of bribe-seeking tránsito officers.

The investigative agency also said that motorists should have all their paperwork handy so they do not give traffic police an excuse to extort money.

The problem of traffic bribes has increased since the legislature passed a new traffic law that contains what many believe are excessive fines. The new law seems to enrich crooked cops who are quick to give motorists a cheaper alternative.

The Judicial Investigating Organization has a unit that
specializes in crooked traffic officers. It urged motorists confronted with a bribe request to call 911 or to use the judicial police contact number: 800-8000-645. The agency said that the motorist ought to remember the name displayed on the chest of the officer.

The agency said that it expected an increase in the frequency of bribes now that the Christmas vacation is coming.

Judicial police in the last month have cracked down on bribe-taking at the Dos Rios driver’s license testing facility. A number of employees who administer the road test were detained. Typically some take 5,000 colons (about $10) as a gift whether or not a new driver passed the test.

The agency also cracked down on the license issuing facility of the Consejo Nacional de Vialidad in La Uruca where officials there were accused of manufacturing fake foreign licenses so that foreign applicants could get a license without taking the required tests.

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