Lawmakers move closer to getting a new home in Zapote

The legislature is taking another step to obtain new offices.

Banco de Costa Rica is supposed to sign an agreement with lawmakers today in which the bank will buy a $23 million facility in Zapote overlooking the Circunvalación highway. The legislature would then rent the property.

The money is coming from the Banco Centroamericano de Integración Económica. The location is not far from Casa Presidencial, but it is not easily reached on foot. President Óscar Arias Sánchez proposed moving Casa Presidencial
from the eastern San José site to the downtown so it would be near the Castillo Azul that lawmakers use now.

Lawmakers still plan to construct an office tower near the current legislature, although there have been problems in obtaining adjacent properties.

The current facility has not been maintained properly, and some lawmakers are in substandard offices.

There are bugs, leaks, overloaded electrical circuits and other problems. The Ministerio de Salud has ordered lawmakers to vacate the structure

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