Many Americans express concerns on cost and crime

I love Costa Rica, yet recently I have heard concerns from many Americans who have thoughts about visiting or moving here. Two of these concerns were mentioned in Wednesday’s edition of A.M. Costa Rica. One, is the obvious decline in the value of the U.S. dollar.

As thousands of American baby boomers now approach retirement age, they are looking at many places to retire. These retirees bring along with them money that gets circulated into the community and benefits everyone. If more and more people start to look at Panamá, Belize or other places, the ultimate loss will be the Costa Rican economy.

The second matter is addressed in the article concerning those who pick up rental vehicles where someone has punctured a tire, creating a slow leak. In the past year and a half, I have met two individuals who have been the victims of this scam. Perhaps, the names of the auto rental companies whose employees have been participants of such scams should be routinely published. It will serve as an alert to those renting cars, and will perhaps alert the owners of such companies to be more selective when it comes to who they hire.

Bruce Jacobs
Park Ridge, New Jersey

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