Measure to assess extra tax on corporations advances

A proposal for a new tax that would assess corporations advanced Tuesday when the Comisión Permanente de Asuntos Hacendarios approved the measure with modifications.

President Laura Chinchilla Miranda is seeking $300 per corporation to pay for unspecified security measures. The executive branch has put the bill on its wish list for the current legislative session.

The bill is designed to go into force at the first of a year, so there is a chance that the measure will be pushed forward by the full legislature. That would require unusually quick action.

The committee Tuesday reduced the amount from $300 to $200, according to reports from the legislature. But the full
legislature can make changes, including restoring the amount. The commission also sought to make some exemptions of smaller enterprises, although that may not be constitutional.

Expats are involved because even those who do not own a business usually have a car or a house owned by a corporation in which they hold the majority of the stock. The bill is No. 16306, which has been carried over from the previous legislature. The fee would be an annual assessment. It cannot be used as a tax deduction.

The committee also was supposed to discuss a bill that would regulate sportsbooks, casinos and games of chance. However, it was unclear if any action was taken.

Both bills face obstacles on the floor of the legislature, but Ms. Chinchilla’s Partido Liberación Nacional can muster a favorable vote.

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