More agreement for letter written by Costa Rican

I am writing in support of and in agreement with Mr. Joaquin Aguilar.

It is the height of disrespect and cultural ignorance for a North American to declare that “It is seeming like Costa Rica isn’t the land of Pura Vida but a land of cowards with no backbone at all.”

One of the reasons that I, as a North American, became a permanent resident of Costa Rica was that this country does not resort to armed conflict as its first, second, or even third option.  The U.S.A. has the unfortunate history of having been in a constant state of war with someone or another for all of my life. This is not the kind of place I wish to live or raise my family.

So I am glad that Costa Rica has the maturity and restraint not to go to war over, as Don Joaquin says: “that patch of God-forsaken land” that the “Mini-Me of Hugo Chavez” Daniel Ortega has sought to grab.

There is a saying:  “What you resist, persists.”  By engaging in any armed resistance to the Nicaraguan invasion, Costa Rica would simply play into the hands of Ortega and thereby guarantee that he would increase his dictatorial powers and his longevity in office.  That would serve neither the interests of Costa Rica nor of Nicaragua and many innocent people would die for nothing.

I applaud the civilized, restrained actions of the Costa Rican government.  It is the right thing to do.

David Martin
San Rafael de Heredia

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