More items added by president to legislative to-do list

The executive branch’s legislative agenda mushroomed Tuesday to 32 separate bills that are being given a priority until next April 30.

Casa Presidencial listed a handful of bills Monday, but a decree signed by President Laura Chinchilla Tuesday increases the number of legislative bills.

Among them is a measure to move telecommunications oversight from the environmental ministry to the Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología. That would eliminate the awkward name of Ministerio de Ambiente, Energía y Telecomunicaciones.

Another is a reform of the nation’s weapons law that is expected to dramatically tighten the requirements for gun ownership and possession. Ms. Chinchilla has said she wants to reduce to two the number of weapons any person can own.

The proposal to tax casinos and games of chance also are on the president’s list. A report from Casa Presidencial
Monday said that a proposal to tax corporations was on the list but it said nothing about the casino bill. The decree did.
The measure would impose strict oversight on physical casinos and also online operations.

Another proposal would penalize what the legislative list said is the irregular transport of motor fuels by water. That is a nice way of saying that the government wants to crack down on those who supply drug smugglers with fuel on the high seas.

The list also contains a proposal to penalize computer fraud. The legislature passed that bill Tuesday night on first reading. A subsequent vote is needed, which is why the bill is on the list.

After Nov. 30 lawmakers can only address measures approved by the president during the so-called special sessions that continue until April 30.

The computer fraud bill would penalize online bank thefts, identity theft and sabotage of computer systems. The measure reforms and makes additions to the criminal code.

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