More money won’t fix country’s crime problem

Re: Chinchilla seeks a tax on corporations

Here we go again with our leaders stuffing their heads further into the sand. Citizens’ security, are you kidding me. Just the idea of taxing “all legal corporations” is inane in itself. Do you mean that the little guy who has his used, over-priced and over-taxed-already car in a corporation will have to pay the same tax as say Super Compro, EPA, the casinos, PriceSmart, Hipermás, Burger King, etc..?

And to say that this is to pay for citizens’ security is just another slap in the face. Why do these politicians continually think that throwing money at a problem will resolve it? I would be one of the first to say that something should be done to protect the citizenry, but why not look at the underlying causes of “crime gone wild.”

We, the readers, all know of the police corruption. The ridiculous new over-priced fines that enables police to have a raise just by bribing the offenders. How about looking at the existing laws and the revolving-door policy for criminals, especially the juveniles.

Why don’t they ask China for another 80 million dollars to build a new prison next to the new stadium to put some of these criminals away. And now, who is telling the police officials to reduce the information to the public about crimes? This needs some very serious investigation. And only reporting the crimes of when a criminal is caught. I’m sure this will lead to a “way to go girl” for reducing crime. And they are even scheduling time to talk about in-vitro fertilization. Someone please pinch me because I have to be dreaming this.

Tom Ploskina
Nuevo Arenal

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