Neighbors to raise funds Sunday for slide victims

Riders and residents in San Antonio de Escazú will be out again Sunday seeking donations for the surviving victims of the giant landslide that killed 21 persons Nov. 4.

The aptly named Comité Fuerzas Vivas San Antonio de Escazú announced the campaign early Thursday.

The individuals who died and the families that lost their homes lived on Calle Lajas in San Antonio. Part of Pico Blanco gave way and buried the neighborhood.  It was by far the worse single natural disaster of the year, although many others elsewhere suffered from the flooding that came with Tropical Storm Tomas.

San Antonio is south of and up the mountain from Escazú Centro.

Many residents still are living in irregular circumstances. The committee said the money would be used to construct homes. Some of the surviving victims are elderly. The committeee hasFacebook and Twitter resources with additional information.

Dec. 12 more than 50 riders and members of the public participated in an event to raise money.  Sunday will be a replay of that event along with other money-raising opportunities.

The location is Paso Hondo, el Carmen de San Antonio, and the starting time will be noon.

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