New opinion page will feature readers’ letters from archive

During the first year that A.M. Costa Rica was published, reader letters were printed on a special page. That gave less than adequate exposure to some interesting thoughts and ideas that readers have.

Since then, reader letters have been published on a news page, frequently Page 2. Although those pages were archived and the reader letters are available with a search, they are hard to locate.

So beginning today reader letters will be archived in a news feed that appears on A.M. Costa Rica’s new opinion page.

The page also is being constructed to provide room for the newspaper’s opinion and outside opinion that is designed to promote discussion and thought.

Today the Paris-based Reporters Without Borders launches a strong defense of Wikileaks, the Web site that is publishing the formerly confidential or secret U.S. diplomatic cables.

Please find it HERE!

And those who wish to comment on the guest editorial or on any other aspect of Costa Rican life are invited to send their letters to:

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