Nicaraguan officials asked to come to a meeting Dec. 20

The Costa Rican foreign ministry said Thursday night that it has invited Nicaraguan diplomats to Liberia, Guanacaste, Dec. 20 to discuss the Isla Calero situation at the northeast border of the country.

The invitation went to Samuel Santos López, foreign minister of Nicaragua. It was from Carlos Alberto Roverssi Rojas, who is acting foreign minister in Costa Rica because René Castro is out of the country. The purpose of the session would be to define the zone where there will be no troops or civilian forces, said the letter.

The Organization of American States has called on both countries to vacate the region around the border. Nicaragua has put troops on land that belongs to Costa Rica, and Costa Rica responded by putting heavily armed police tactical squad members nearby. The note went to Harold Rivas, the Nicaraguan ambassador here at noon, said a summary from the ministry.

Costa Rica declined to meet with Nicaraguan officials last month for a regularly scheduled meeting on the Río San Juan. The country had demanded that the Nicaraguan troops leave the island. The troops and workers are digging a new mouth for the river to accommodate tourism in the area.

Costa Rica has expressed concern about the environmental damage as well as the invasion.  Vice President Alfio Piva  denounced the invasion at a session of the U.N. climate summit in Cancún, México, Thursday.

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