Police continue crackdown on sales of illegal fireworks

Although there are plenty of illegal fireworks being shot off for the Christmas season, Fuerza Pública officers are making continual arrests.

One man came into police hands Sunday when he tried to bring fireworks into the country from Nicaragua, where the rules are looser. He had the fireworks hidden in a bucket.

Police said that the penalty for having illegal fireworks can be from three to seven years in prison if they are sold to minors. There also are penalties for those who import and market illegal fireworks.

Police have a goal this year of preventing any minor from being burned by fireworks. The basic rule in Costa Rica is
that if fireworks explode, they are illegal.

Friday police stopped a truck coming from Nicaragua that had 300,000 fireworks. That was in Peñas Blancas crossing at the border. Police said that a customs official told them that the truck was empty, but they searched it anyway.

Both the truck driver and the customs official have dates with prosecutors.

In the southern zone police located a man with 3,717 individual fireworks within his vehicle. That was near Golfito Saturday.

In Miramar, police said they and health officials inspected a legal fireworks sales stand only to find that a 17 year old was in charge. That is a violation, too, they said. Officials said they closed the operation.

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