Puerto Viejo robberies result in 37-year prison term

A Puerto Viejo de Limón man received a 37-year jail sentence for attacks on women in his community.

The man was identified by the last names of Brown Humphy. He was detained last May and pointed out in a lineup by victims, said the Poder Judicial.

The case was tried in the Tribunal Penal de Limón.

He was convicted of robbery with violence involving a woman with the last name of Rodríguez for which he received five years.

He also was convicted for aggravated robbery, rape and attempted murder involved a women with the last name of Freeman. For these crimes he received a total of 32 years in prison. He also was convicted of aggravated robbery of a man named Verdugo and a female with the last name of Medina for which he received seven years each.

However, under rules of sentencing the total term is 37 years.

The crimes happened in March, April of 2008 and May and August of 2008 in Puerto Viejo. Most of the victims were accosted while they walked alone after dark.

He used a knife and nearly always beat up his victim.

There also were six allegations of rape, one of holding someone against their will and two of aggravated robbery. He was found not guilty on these counts.

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