Puriscal begins its chicharrones festival this Thursday

Festival organizers in Puriscal estimate that they will prepare and serve 13,000 kilos of chicharrones during a two-weekend festival that begins Thursday. It is the eighth Feria del Chicharrón.

The event is in the fair grounds in the community west of Ciudad Colón. Puriscal has 20 meat vendors that specialize in the preparation of chicharrones. For some families the trip to Puriscal and the purchase of a large quantity of chicharrones is part of the Christmas tradition.

The community attracts purchasers with the fair. This year there will be bull riding, dances and concerts. A horse parade is scheduled for Dec. 18.
The fairgrounds has space for 800 cars, said organizers.

The fair is jointly promoted by the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo. According to the institute, the going price for chicharrones this season at the festival is 2,500 colons a plate and 7,000 colons per kilo.

That’s $4.98 for the plate and $13.96 for the kilo.

The bulk of the chicharrones sold at the festival is made from pork. Although many countries define the word as fried pork rinds, the dish in Costa Rica usually contains chunks of meat. The pork rind version frequently is eaten as a snack, but in Costa Rica chicharrones usually are a main meal eaten with tortillas and side dishes of fried bananas, fried yucca, salads and various sauces.

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