Quepos lawyer identified in money-laundering case

The Poder Judicial has identified the Quepos lawyer facing a money laundering allegation. They said he has the last name of Bermúdez.

The organized crime prosecutor and the anti-money laundering task force of the Judicial Investigating Organization detained the man and searched his office and home last week. A judge ordered him to sign in with prosecutors every 15 days and to cease his work on behalf of two men who were detained in a money laundering investigation.

The two men, identified by the last names of Chaves Camacho and Reyes Tabasco have been convicted of trying to carry $650,860 across the northern border with Nicaragua. The money was hidden in the roof of a car. Police confiscated it in April.

Agents took Bermúdez from Quepos to Ciudad Quesada for his hearing. That is where the original case was heard.

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