Resident here worries about personal safety

I know it is not a banner day for Costa Rica’s tourist trade but looking at today’s article plus many such articles in the past is there any wonder in realizing why tourist trade is off.

All of my friends will not come here because of the crime problem against tourist and the fact that these thieves are not punished and turned back on the streets to repeat the same crimes. Most of the people who want to come here look at the crime problem as Costa Rica only looking at a tourist as a wallet and could care less about their safety.

They are looking elsewhere because of that problem. We are wondering about our safety too, if things don’t change we may consider moving to Panamá. If Costa Rica isn’t careful, the drug lords will take over Costa Rica like Ortega has taken land away without a shot being fired.

It is seeming like Costa Rica isn’t the land of Pura Vida but a land of cowards with no backbone at all. Does the government think they have control of the situation? I don’t think the new president has any idea of how to stop crime. She can’t even stop another country from grabbing land and thinks that someone else will solve her problem. If Ortega doesn’t give the land back, there is no way that CR will get it back.

Art Sulenski
Los Angeles Sur de Alajuela

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