Staffers get some days off during Christmas holidays

A.M. Costa Rica will not be published Friday, Christmas Eve.

The newspaper does not publish on Christmas or New Year’s. But when these days are on a weekend, the Friday before is a non-publication day.

In addition, the A.M. Newspaper office in Barrio Otoya will close at 1:30 p.m. today so that staffers can attend the company Christmas party. The sales office will remain closed until Jan. 3. Editorial activities will be carried out at the news offices elsewhere.

Telephone callers will be able to hear alternative numbers during the holidays.

The newspaper will publish Monday through Thursday next week, and news staffers will be on duty throughout the holiday in case of major developments. For example a major earthquake took place early Christmas Day 2003.

Staffers also will use the newspaper’s e-mail list to alert subscribers to critical news. The list is open to anyone who signs up HERE!

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