This bottle of rum packed better than average punch

This is the bottle that contained the suspecious mixture. Photo: Ministerio de Gobernación. Policía y Seguridad Pública.

Anti-drug police discovered two separate incidents of individuals trying to smuggle cocaine out of the country in containers.

In Liberia at Daniel Oduber airport, the container was a bottle of aged Flor de Caña Nicaraguan rum. The individual who is a suspect in that case is a Cuban woman who is now a Canadian citizen. Police identified her by the last name of De Paulo.

The woman was headed to Belgium when police weighed the bottle of rum. The weight differed from what a bottle of rum should weigh. A second bottle, labeled whisky, also was suspicious. Agents said they found cocaine mixed with the alcohol.

At Juan Santamaría airport the container was shampoo. Two men, also Cubans, on the way to Toronto are suspected of smuggling cocaine in these containers. They were identified by the last names of De la O Rodríguez and Angelo Cruz.

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