Two traffic officers face allegation of bribe-taking

Two traffic officers have been detained on the allegation that they accepted money from a drunk driver instead of taking the appropriate action.

The two men, identified by the last names of Guerrero Tobal and Calvo Chaves were detained earlier in the week in Heredia and in San José.

The allegation is that the two were working in the vicinity of Parque Morazán Nov. 26 when they stopped a motorist who tested positive for alcohol in the blood. Depending on the amount, the motorist could have faced thousands of dollars in fines and perhaps lose the vehicle.

Judicial investigators appear to have stumbled on the situation during their routine patrol. They confiscated the device used to detect alcohol at that time, they said.

Prosecutors have asked that the two traffic officers be suspended from their jobs to await court action.

The steep fines for driving under the influence of alcohol probably will not be changed when lawmakers update the stiff fines that exist in the traffic law that went into effect March 1. But other fines may be reduced.

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