U.S. told Perú it’s sorry unflattering cables leaked

A top U.S. diplomat says Washington has apologized to Perú over the content of leaked diplomatic cables about the country.

The assistant U.S. secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs, Arturo Valenzuela, said on Peru’s RPP radio that the State Department has spoken to Peruvian officials about the matter. He said the State Department is looking at how to turn the page on the incident so it does not affect relations.

Wikileaks published the cables. One cable said that President Alan Garcia had a colossal ego, while making references about his health and personal life. Another talked about alleged military involvement in drug corruption.

Wikileaks is posting more than a quarter-million sensitive U.S. diplomatic cables, angering the United States. The Web site has not identified the source of the documents.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said the disclosures are an attack on American foreign policy interests and the international community. She also says the releases put lives in danger, threaten national security and undermine American efforts to work with other countries to solve shared problems.

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