Using restricted bus lanes can be a pricey mistake

For those who do not speak Spanish, the sign means: 'Gringo! Stay out of the bus lane or get a really big fine!' Photo: Ministerio de Obras Públicas y Transportes

Motorists continue to fall victim to the new restricted bus lanes on the Autopista General Cañas. The rule went into effect Sunday.

The fine for using the bus lane is 286,065 colons, including tax on the fine. That is $568 at the current rate of exchange. Traffic police say they have nabbed more than 100 motorists so far. They started handing out tickets Monday.

The restricted areas are the two outside or right hand lanes on the six-lane highway. The rule has been put in place to keep buses moving during the anticipated traffic jams as the highway’s bridge over the Río Virilla is repaired and resurfaced.

Signs have been erected and the lanes are marked in paint with a triangle.

For San José-bound traffic, the restrictions begin at Real Cariaria. Traffic from the central city to Juan Santamaría airport or Alajuela will see the restriction begin in the vicinity of Adoc de Costa Rica S.A. Each direction has three lanes in the vicinity of the bridge.

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