Warm the oven and ward off the chilly weather

Cookies ready to be sent to friends and family. Photo: AM Costa Rica

With the overnight temperatures threatening to set a record low for the year, a couple of batches of cookies can quickly warm the inside environment.

Plus, cookies are a great way to say happy holidays because they come from the heart as well as the oven.

Ticas probably are hard at work producing homemade tamales for the holiday parties. No one would be caught dead with a Mas x Menos tamal, although emergency shipments from Aserrí probably are acceptable.

In other homes, the family traditions dictate the baking recipes. Each culture has its holiday food. Staples for baking are easy to get here, and many are price controlled.

The cold weather seems to amplify the desire for hearty foods. That includes flaky horseshoes filled with a walnut and sugar mix. Butter cookies are another tradition, and the creamy delight is not in
short supply, thanks to the nation’s dairy producers. One recipe requires a pound of butter for 60 to 80 small cookies.

Supermarket jam is perfect for tortes, and using Smuckers eliminates a lot of the prep work. Still, the ferias are filled with fruits that can be incorporated from scratch. And there is ample reason for experimentation.

Would pejibayes produce a memorable Christmas cookie? They make a great soup.

Overnight temperatures are expected to reach 12 C in the Central Valley and perhaps 10 C at higher elevations. That’s from 50 to 53.6 on the Fahrenheit scale. The temperature is not very challenging for expats from northern climes. After all the overnight low in Florida was predicted at 20 F. In Chicago it was -10.8 C (12.6 F) Monday night. But for Ticos who live in well-ventilated homes the time has come for the heavy blankets.

All the more reason to put several batches of holiday cookies in the oven.

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